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Inspire Protein Crunchers - Variety Pack, 10 bags/box

Inspire Protein Crunchers - Variety Pack, 10 bags/box

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  • INSPIRE PROTEIN CRUNCHERS – VARIETY PACK:For a Limited Time, try them ALL! The toasted crunch you crave with flavors you’ll love, plus so much more – 9g of protein.

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Crunch time! The toasted crunch you crave with the flavor you love, plus so much more – 9g of protein. Try all 3 flavors in this limited availability variety pack.

We know you crave crunch because you tell us all the time and quite frankly there are times when a cucumber slice does not cut it! We wanted to create a great tasting protein snack chip – one that was truly ‘pouch worthy’ – a snack food that you eat because it’s good and good for you! We too were disappointed by expensive ‘high protein chips’ with odd aftertastes that fell apart in the mouth like sawdust. Ugh.

Inspire Protein Crunchers are baked to a golden crunch with lots of bold flavor in every bite. 100% guilt-free with plenty of protein per serving to keep hunger away and cravings under control. Perfect to accompany your turkey lettuce wrap or to use as crunchy croutons on your salad or to float in soup. Individual serving bags for portion control. Quite frankly, I don’t *want* an entire bag as they are filling – half is fine.

Truly Delicious with Amazing CRUNCH… you will love them!

Gluten free
Low glycemic
Only 150 calories
9 grams of protein
Single serving bags for easy planning
No artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives

When you want something with a big crunch that packs an unmistakable flavor, reach for these crisp, satisfying and delectable baked protein chips with zip.

Ten 1.34 ounce bags per box – Grilled Cheese, BBQ and Sriracha Ranch

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