Bariatric Eating
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Bariatric Starter Box

Bariatric Starter Box

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  • BARIATRIC STARTER BOX:SAVE $25 on these four essentials for the new bariatric post op.

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Item 1
Inspire Protein Singles - 7 Single Scoops - Assorted Top Flavors [+$19.99]
Item 2
VIP Club Blender Ball Protein Shaker Cup [+$9.99]
Item 3
Journey 3+3 Multi Tabs - 20 Single Dose Packets - Berry [+$19.99]
Item 4
Journey Liquid Super Calcium Shooters - Tangelo Orange [+$9.99]

Our most popular products for those who are new bariatric post ops and new to Bariatric Eating - The Bariatric Starter Box! 

You asked for a way to try the core products that are essential to your new post surgical life… and we LISTENED... then we bundled these items for you at a TWENTY FIVE DOLLAR savings! 

7 Inspire Singles – in our bestselling flavors - get a taste of some of the most popular Inspire flavors - Yummo!
20 single dose, 3 tab pocket packets of Journey 3+3 All in One Chewables – Berry 
Journey Liquid Super Calcium Shooters, Tangelo Orange flavor – 15 servings 
Inspire VIP Club Shaker Cup - best shaker on earth whether a newbie or old pro

Once you’ve had your surgery, it's important to get settled in at home and start sipping your water to avoid becoming dehydrated. After that, it's time for learning how to blend an awesome protein drink in your shaker cup, nibbling on Journey 3+3 vitamins, and taking a daily swig of your super tasty tangelo liquid calcium. Learn great healthy habits early for a great post op life! 

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