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The 28-day Inspire Diet Box
The 28 Day Inspire Diet for Bariatric Eating

The 28-day Inspire Diet Box

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  • The 28-day Inspire Diet Box:Four Weeks of The Power of Inspire to fuel Fat Burning. Add a simple supper each day - PRINT the companion Plan & Food Guide, located under product description.

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BONUS - Journey 3+3 Multi - 28 Day Bottle
Crunchers Variety - 12 bags/box [+$12.00]
Pork Puffs - Maple Bacon - 20 servings [+$12.00]

CLICK on thumbnail below for The 28 Day Inspire Diet Plan & Food Guides

Follow closely and in just FOUR WEEKS you'll have lost enough weight to have either arrived to a good place, or gained the attitude needed to keep going! 

This is the crazy popular plan you have heard about on Facebook - we have thousands who have lost their regains, some as much as 150 pounds gone with this diet and our support. Sometimes you NEED a diet...  this diet works and it's been created especially for your surgery. You don't need more surgery, you need a diet that works and people in your corner who understand the struggle!

The 28 Day Inspire Diet Box contains the following: 
120 servings Inspire Protein Drinks 
10 to 40 servings Inspire Protein Kitchen Hot Meals, Broth, Parfaits or Creamer
14 servings Inspire Protein Breakfast Squares 
BONUS - 28 days of FEELING GREAT with Journey 3+3 Multivits in either chewable or capsule

Paired with: 28 suppers that you plan and cook/assemble on your own - don't worry, we give you the tools of food lists and meal ideas!

The 28-Day Inspire Diet Basics

1.  FIVE Daily Servings of any combination of Inspire Protein Product
            Inspire Protein Powder
            Inspire Protein Kitchen
            Inspire Protein Breakfast Squares & Bars

2.  Supper each night that’s low in fat, low in carbs and high in protein and vegetables 

3.  EIGHT cups of water

4.  TWENTY minutes of daily movement: walking-jumping rope-anything

5.  Unlimited beverages containing from 0 to 5 calories per serving may be included

6.  No snacks needed!

*While on the Inspire Diet, tracking your nutritional intake is not necessary for success. However have peace of mind that the calorie, carbs and protein totals are within suggested guidelines set by ASMBS for post op bariatric weight loss. 



Example Day 1

Breakfast: Inspire Chocolate Chip Protein Breakfast Square

Mid-Morning Coffee Break: Hot Coffee with 2 servings Inspire High Protein Coffee Creamer

Lunch: Inspire Corn Chowder

Mid-Afternoon Boost: 1 scoop Inspire Chocolate Covered Cherry with 8oz Skim Milk

Dinner:  BE Recipe - Taco Soup, with 1 cup Side Salad and 2 tablespoons Bolthouse Farms Ranch Dressing, Sugar Free Jello for dessert

OPTIONAL Night Time Cravings Crusher: 1 Scoop Inspire Peanut Butter Cookie with 6oz Skim Milk

Example Day 2
Breakfast: Inspire Protein Kitchen Pancakes with 2 tablespoons Mrs Butterworth’s Sugar Free Syrup 

Mid-Morning Protein Break: 1 scoop Inspire Dutch Chocolate Cake with 8oz Skim Milk

Lunch: Inspire Protein Kitchen Beef Stroganoff Bone Broth with 1 cup Side Salad and 2 tablespoons Bolthouse Farms Ranch Dressing 

Mid-Afternoon Boost: 1 Inspire Protein Breakfast Square, Iced Lemon Crumble

Dinner: 4oz Rotisserie Chicken topped with Salsa and 1/2 cup Green Beans on the side

OPTIONAL Night Time Craving Crusher: - 1 serving Inspire Protein Kitchen Sweet Peach Parfait

Where Can I Get More Meal Ideas? Our website BariatricEating.com has thousands of delicious recipes and ideas. You will find lots of new favorite foods.  

How Much Weight Will I Lose? Results will vary based on a lot of different factors. Stick with the plan, consistency will breed the most success! 

Do I Have to Use Milk? While Inspire is formulated to taste the best with Skim Milk, blending with any liquid you enjoy drinking is fine, even hot coffee or tea!

What Happens on Day 29? After completing four weeks of The Inspire Diet you are welcome to start over again! Repeat as many times as needed to lose some or all the weight you'd like to lose.

Is There Somewhere I Can Get Help? Yes, join our Support Group No More Bariatric Regain on Facebook! We’re always “open” and ready to listen and lend an ear! We can help you find the lasting success you've always wanted!

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5 Stars
28 days to a slimmer me!
The best part about this box is how easy it makes it to lose weight. I PICK the items I WANT and then I have 28 days of on track meals. This had simplified my life and taken all the stress out of "what am I going to have for lunch" especially during a hectic work week. Plus everything is portable so even a long commute can't kill my stride. Thank you BE! *
Reviewed by:  from Bronx. on 2/5/2018

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