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Inspire Holy Cannoli Protein - 20 servings

Inspire Holy Cannoli Protein - 20 servings

Inspire Holy Cannoli Protein - 20 servings

BE ITALIAN! A protein drink with the flavors of the famous Sicilian pastry... HOLY CANNOLI this is delicious! Great for pre and post-op gastric bypass patients.
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EVERYONE LOVES ITALIAN FOOD! We have thought about this one for years and have captured the true essence of the famous Sicilian pastry. There is even a packet of tiny chocolate chips inside the bag - open and sprinkle a few on top of your shake! 

HOLY CANNOLI THIS ONE IS GOOD. Inspire Holy Cannoli melts into a protein drink that tastes just like the crisp lightly sweetened ricotta filled pastry. 

We start with pure sweet clean whey protein isolate so the wonderful flavors of the crisp cookie shell, ricotta, cinnamon, citron and SICILIAN GRANDMA GOODNESS shine through. There are even tiny perfect chocolate chips to add to your shake! You won't believe this is protein. Inspire is made for the bariatric pouch...a small thin smooth drink you blend in a glass using just a spoon. Inspire provides 20 grams of super-efficient whey protein isolate per small scoop without fat, sugar, lactose or gluten. Whey protein isolate is the highest grade of protein; tiny protein isolate molecules are more easily taken up by the body than inferior whey protein concentrate or blends. 

 To Use: Add 1 scoop of powder to an 8 ounce cup of water, milk or almond milk. Stir, sprinkle with a few of the chips from the enclosed packet and enjoy. 20 single scoop servings

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