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Inspire Protein Kitchen Strawberry Pudding - 15 Servings

Inspire Protein Kitchen Strawberry Pudding - 15 Servings

54 grams of protein in a small bowl of fresh strawberry bliss! Blend with Hot Tap Water and Chill overnight – absolutely delicious strawberry pudding that's also filling & satisfying.
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Do you know the best thing about Inspire Protein Kitchen Strawberry Pudding? There’s something YUM for everyone! 

Soft smooth jiggly creamy pudding - made with real freeze dried powdered strawberries. Place the scoops into a bowl, add hot tap water, slowly whisk until completely dissolved, then pop into the fridge to CHILL overnight. The hardest part is WAITING! 

The refrigerator will magically transform your luscious strawberry liquid into a triple serving bowl of smooth cold dessert parfait with a whopping 54 grams of protein... whey ISOLATE protein... the good stuff. 

Breakfast, lunch, snack, dessert... its wonderful for Full Liquid, Puree, Soft Food or once you can eat any food its the perfect anytime meal or treat.  PLUS IT IS SOOOOOOO DELICIOUS! Melts on your tongue... a flavor explosion of real strawberry. 

Package makes 15 servings

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