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Welcome to Bariatric Eating

Posted by Susan Maria Leach on 1/2/2019 to RANTS
We know what Bariatric Surgery feels like because we have had it ourselves. For years we have created curated and reimagined the best website, tastiest products and solid support for your bariatric Journey. We have been praised by top surgeons and programs as the best resource to help you reach Goal… and are unmatched for helping people lose even the largest Regain. Welcome to BE, we are happy you have discovered us!

Whiners should not get too comfortable! We don't entertain excuses. You went under the knife in hopes of a better life. That’s the story behind every person’s decision to have weight loss surgery. But that better life comes at a price – you have to work every day to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs. 

At BariatricEating.com, we believe you can live well and eat well after weight loss surgery, if you want it badly enough. Embracing a low-carb, protein and vegetable rich lifestyle is simple, but it’s not always easy. That why we offer a wealth of laser accurate guidelines, mouth-watering recipes and crave-inducing protein and vitamin supplements. Don’t settle for feeling deprived when we can help you thrive.