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The INSPIRE DIET is the most successful plan for bariatric weight loss on the planet - there's not a doctor's program or hospital plan that has addressed regain or permanent stalls with anywhere near the success of this plan.

Thousands have used this bariatric diet to get their lives back, no matter how hopeless the situation once seemed. We've done it ourselves and we can help you find goal again or for the first time

We have two plans - 14 Day and 28 Day - both have provided firm ground and great success for thousands of post ops just like you! 

We are the only company who has developed our own products and diet plan - we are a company made up of bariatric post ops and understand the struggle with taste. People are able to succeed with The Inspire Diet because the products are good and our evening meal ideas are both simple to fix and taste great to you and your family.  

This is the ONLY bariatric weight loss plan out there that has been proven time and time again... and you can do it too, you just have to take that first step. 

CLICK below on either 14 Day or 28 Day to learn more and PRINT your pages so you can get ready to begin.  

Featured Products

14-day Inspire Diet Box
Fourteen Days of Inspire to Fuel Fat Burning. Add a simple supper each day - CLICK and PRINT the companion Plan & Food Guide, located under product description.
$173.00  $145.99
On Sale - Coupon Excluded
The 28-day Inspire Diet Box
Twenty eight days of Inspire to fuel Fat Burning. Add a simple supper each day - CLICK & PRINT your Diet Plan & Food Guide NOW, scroll to view below.
$300.00  $263.00
On Sale - Coupon Excluded