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Travel Box - Inspire Protein Singles, Bars, Journey 3+3 & Shaker - SAVE $25

Travel Box - Inspire Protein Singles, Bars, Journey 3+3 & Shaker - SAVE $25

These essentials total $85 - but you SAVE $25 for the box - perfect mix for the bariatric business traveler or vacationer!
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Included Products

Inspire Protein Drink
Travel Pack Singles - 8 servings - 2 Dutch, 2 Bella, 2 Vanilla, 2 PB Cup
Journey 3+3 - 20 Single Serving Packets
Inspire Protein Breakfast Squares - 7 servings
Smart Shake Protein Shaker Cup with Compartments

"As a businesswoman who has had bariatric surgery, I pay attention to what I eat in the car, on a plane, in my hotel room, and break time in a meeting. I cannot rely on what is randomly available or the food being 'brought in'. These are the items that I reach for when I pack my bag and go... to a business meeting or when my husband and I are off for a week in our timeshare!" - Susan Maria   

The Travel Box contains the following:

- Inspire Travel Singles - 8 single scoop envelopes of our four best selling Inspire flavors - Cafe Bella, Peanut Butter Cup, Dutch Chocolate Cake & Vanilla Bean. Starting my 'hotel room day' with an Inspire protein drink helps me avoid issues. I'll mix it into in-room brewed coffee, order room service and stir it into yogurt or coffee or even just blend a drink in my shaker. Most hotels have a free lobby breakfast - and while too carb/sugar heavy, it is reliable for grabbing nonfat milk, plain yogurt and fresh fruit to pair with my Inspire protein.

- Inspire Protein Squares - 15 grams of really good tasting protein in my computer bag, backpack or purse means Ill never get caught off guard. Sometimes we *don't* break for lunch, the tour bus arrives late, or I am too tired to shower and dress for dinner after all day at the pool. Keep portable protein handy, for even balance in metabolism and blood sugar. 

- Journey 3+3 Travel Pack Singles - TSA will never question my supplements as they individually packeted doses. 20 packets keeps me in vitamins for 10 days.

- VIP Club Shaker - the best shaker cup of all time! I love this cup for a flight as there are screw apart compartments for some almonds, jerky, blueberries, or even protein or supplements. I have all three colors and love to mix and match the sections. People often ask me where I got my cool shaker! 

Separately these items total $85... for this bundle SAVE TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS. 

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